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LED Signage Module Solutions are the latest solution for driving more business to your venue. With their resistance to weather and temperature changes and more affordable per metre cost than traditional LCD Digital Signage, NEC LED Solutions offer an affordable high impact choice to promote your business to passing transport, pedestrians or shoppers.

Content can be easily switched between promoting off-peak content like sports events or concerts or playing trailers from the latest movies or simply displaying opening times or multiplex promotions.

Whatever you choose to communicate digitally at your venue, Cho's Electronics can provide or expertise reccomendation of the NEC Display solutions and can provide the ideal digital signage solution for you. Also check out our page on Digital Service.

Model Number of pixels per m² Pixel Pitch Brightness (typical) Contrast (typical)
LED-06AF1 (6 mm Indoor) 160 x 160 6.25 2000 3500:1
LED-06AF1V (6 mm Indoor) 160 x 160 6.25 3000 2000:1
LED-10BF1 (10 mm Outdoor) 96 x 96 10.417 6000 4000:1
LED-15BF1 (15 mm Outdoor) 64 x 64 15.625 7500 4500:1
LED-20BF1 (20 mm Outdoor) 48 x 48 20.83 7500 4500:1




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