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TV Repairs

1.   I have a broken TV, How much will it cost to repair?

A) It depends on the type of TV, size, and what underlying problem made it to not be working.

B) Whether you can bring it into the shop or want an in-home service.

2. Why  do you have to charge for evaluation?

It takes a technician some time to take it apart and troubleshoot to find out what caused the problem.

Evaluation fee is normally less than actual cost of a technician’s time spent.

3. I have a broken screen or cracked screen. How much would it cost to Replace the screen?

It is not economical to replace LCD, LED and plasma screens.

4. I have a DLP Projection TV displaying white dots on screen. What’s causing the problem and how much will it cost to repair?

It is generally caused by DLP chip. The cost varies from make to make and model to model.

Cho’s Electronics will be happy to give you quote if you send us or call us with exact model numer.



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